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Cheng Yuan Sports Co., Ltd established in 2001, our company is a production-oriented enterprises, we specialize in the production of wooden sports products. Our main products have skateboard, longboard, aquaplane, snowboard, sled, curved plywood and accessories. Our annual output about 2 million pcs skateboards. We imported maple from Canada / United states and imported beech from Europe, quality is guaranteed. Production per year continues to rise, while also actively developing new products to meet customer needs. The company total area over 15,000 square meters, the production plant covers 8000square meters. We have the world's most advanced wood products manufacturing skill and world-class advanced equipment of the planing machine, cutting machine, dryer, sanding machine, shaping machine.

Our products are exported to Europe, United States, Canada, South East Asia and other countries. Quality products,and dood price offer to win the favor of importers and consumers around world, has a good reputation.

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